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Friday, 27 April 2012

2 Steps Backwards...Paladone you Racist Bastards!

You know, I have to share a few things with my readers. It's not often that I get upset, and completely fly off the handle, however, I believe that today is definitely one of those days when someone just has to say it like it is...Folks, I'm talking about the company Paladone and their idea of " Afro Washing Up Sponges." Now what the hell is a company thinking creating a product like that? What kind of message are you sending to the community? How do you think blacks would react to a product like that?

You're insinuating that black peoples hair are like brillo pads, cause you sure as hell haven't produced any white ones with long blonde hair. You know white folks in the UK are quick to say that blacks are " too sensitive" and "pulling the race card." But honestly, what the hell else are blacks suppose to do when rubbish like this is what's passing for creativity these days! All those who are saying it's "cool" or "cute" you lot know nothing of the struggles of black people, nothing of slavery and the struggles that blacks went through. These images send out a negative message, no matter how you look at it.

Rosa Parks didn't refuse to give up her sit on the bus for this bullshit! So to Paladone,and all the others out there defending this rubbish, here's what I have to say to you...FUCK YOU!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The fate of the EU...Die Piggy Piggy Die Die!!

Owen Paterson, member of cabinet and a leading Eurosceptic expresses his views on the ill fated EU: The solution is not bail out, after bailout, after bailout..." I think we are in danger of saving the cancer and not the patient." Quite frankly, I couldn't have said it any better!
Sarko and Merkel seem to have grand ideas of some super euro government where Germany will be the " be all and end all" when it comes to decision making. They've already forced change of governments in Greece and Italy who were not willing to march to their tunes and replaced them with technocrats. 
European Unions need to wake up to the fact that not only is the single currency at risk, but that their democracy is also on the line if Merkel is left to run riot and take over each country's economy.
We need to stand up and demand a referendum now, before this "E -Nazi " union in Brussels leaves us powerless to choose our own leaders, and continually chip away at our freedoms.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protest

You can't intimidate the best ideas out of people. Those cowards in NYC dressed in uniforms backed up with badges and guns and beating on women in the streets, all in the name of Bloomberg! . Let the peaceful protest thrive, worldwide. Civil disobedience people!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Amanda Knox... Guilty as Hell!

Guilty as hell! Yes, I said it, that "she devil" is guilty. Americans have some balls on them to question the Italian legal system, the same yanks who allowed Troy Davis to be executed when he was surrounded by a sea of reasonable doubt.

Now we have the American media and the Knox family with all their political contacts, PR companies and even affiliates within the FBI all working overtime time get this girl released knowing full well that she is involved in this murder in some way. So now they're all rallying around and celebrating the release of one of their own, even if we all know that the bitch is guilty as hell! I mean, let's face it, we all know that Amanda knows the "real truth" that she was either involved in, and an active participant in the murder, or that she was there, observed, and failed to do anything to stop the attack. Either way, she KNOWS the truth!

The Americans protected one of their own, a so called pretty, young white blonde, but little old Troy Davis had no chance, because he was a black man without the money and the public relations firm and the media attention and the FBI contacts and all those other things that come along with being a privileged white person in the US of A!

Rest in peace Meredith Kercher

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bushehr At Last...Bushehr at long last!

Iran has finally made it's mark on the nuclear world by connecting it's very first nuclear power plant to the national grid, thereby supplying millions of homes with much needed electricity and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.
 In the process, saying a big "fuck you" to America and the Israelis who believe that them and only them have a God given right to nuclear power! Iran is a sovereign state with as much right to nuclear power as any other.

Now we await with great anticipation while the Israelis of course with the help of the CIA find a reason to bomb this plant under the excuse of WMDs.
Nuclear power for all nations people, and if we ought to fear any, let's all fear the Americans, after all, they're the only nation who've used it so far!
Congratulations Iran, welcome to the nuclear family.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

$1M Bounty Gadaffi wanted DEAD or ALIVE...Bollocks!

It pains me to see world leaders and the international community at large stand by and watch the situation in Libya unfold with no one condemning the actions of the Americans and the British in what has been a highly illegal war with the sole purpose of removing the rightful head of state of a country. The UN has once again shown that it's nothing more than a toothless organization with no balls! As for NATO, well pretty much the same applies. Gadaffi has not only been at war with the so called "rebels" but he's been at war with NATO, with the Americans, with the French and with Britan. The man has to be commended for lasting this long, not only that, but for someone who the media constantly described as a tyrant, not once did he use any of his immense weapons to fight back at the coalition, or used mustard gas on the "rebels", he took no such action. Now I use the word "rebels" here loosely, because in my book, these are nothing more than a bunch of terrorist, thugs and common criminals!

How would it feel if a bounty was placed on the president of the United States, or for that matter the British  Prime Minister. If memory serves me correct, it's even considered a crime in the US constitution to make a threat against the president, yet we have media houses all over the place broadcasting 1 Million Dollars for Gadaffi Dead or Alive!   It's been revealed that SAS and MI6 agents are on the ground in Libya apparently "hunting down" Gadaffi. Was it not part of the UN resolution that there should be no foreign soldiers on ground? I see this turning out just like another Saddam situation where Gadaffi will be caught and strung up like a dog in some dirty basement with people around filming it on their mobile phones and uploading it to youtube.

What about all the weapons that the "rebels" have taken out of his compound in Tripoli, SAM missiles, mustard gas and so on. Considering that there's been Jihadist / Al qaeda within the rebel group, it's only a matter of time before one of those Surface to Air Missiles show up near Gatwick or Heathrow trying to take out a passenger airline!

Is that the kind of justice that we've come to condone in west? God bless the next country that happens to have oil and no nuclear weapons, because the Americans and the British will find some reason to "save human lives" in order to get their hands on that black gold. If I were Hugo Chavez, I'd be arming Venezuela to the teeth right now, because it's likely that an oil rich nation like themselves will be next, once they've bled Libya dry!

This Wild Wild West type of justice that seems to be going, clearly funded by the UK, America and France  cannot and should not be condoned by the international community. As for the UN, they need to grow a pair!  Watch out people, your country might be next!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fiyah fiyah unu bring de watah...London is burning!

Isn't it amazing how the media has gone about branding the rioters of London as "thugs" and "scum" yet those same media houses have the audacity to refer to the rioters in Libya as " rebels." The politics of news reporting, the bias makes me sick!

They're all busy asking for the military to police the streets of London, yet they do not realize that military men are not trained to deal with or police civilians especially in their own cities and  towns.It's guaranteed to turn out a lot worse if this "tactic" is employed.  What's next, are we going to call on NATO to bomb the rioters!

Yes, I will agree that the violence is primarily in the "black communities" of London, I will also go as far as saying that majority of the rioters might be black, but the way in which the media has cleverly gone about labeling the blacks as "scum" when you can clearly see that there are Whites and Asians visible in the looting, burning and brick throwing is all politics! They've turn this into a "race" issue essentially.

There are no leaders of black communities in London, at least none with any essence, any charisma that can talk to and influence these young black men to stop. As one person put it, there's no Jesse Jackson! Let this be a warning to the UK Government of things to come. There's only so much you can put the minorities of London and the young people in general (most notably the students) through before they revolt, and it's not just in London, it's happening in the Manchester, in Wolverhampton and the likes!

My only worry is that this is going to overshadow the fact that the police appeared to have shot Mark Duggan  and then from the evidence thus far  have tried to cover it up. There should no doubt be a thorough investigation into his shooting and the officers involved in either the direct shooting and or any attempt to cover it up relieved of duty and of their pensions as well! People of Britain, that's my word!