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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Amanda Knox... Guilty as Hell!

Guilty as hell! Yes, I said it, that "she devil" is guilty. Americans have some balls on them to question the Italian legal system, the same yanks who allowed Troy Davis to be executed when he was surrounded by a sea of reasonable doubt.

Now we have the American media and the Knox family with all their political contacts, PR companies and even affiliates within the FBI all working overtime time get this girl released knowing full well that she is involved in this murder in some way. So now they're all rallying around and celebrating the release of one of their own, even if we all know that the bitch is guilty as hell! I mean, let's face it, we all know that Amanda knows the "real truth" that she was either involved in, and an active participant in the murder, or that she was there, observed, and failed to do anything to stop the attack. Either way, she KNOWS the truth!

The Americans protected one of their own, a so called pretty, young white blonde, but little old Troy Davis had no chance, because he was a black man without the money and the public relations firm and the media attention and the FBI contacts and all those other things that come along with being a privileged white person in the US of A!

Rest in peace Meredith Kercher


  1. Sad but probably true

  2. Amanda Knox couldn't possibly be guilty.

    She's a white female. Haven't you heard?

    White females are never guilty of anything.

  3. that's not true. i'm a white female and i'm always guilty.
    just ask my sister.
    foxy noxy is a psychopath and there are a lot of psycho groupies out there.

  4. Troy Davis was guilty. No doubt.